Ubelle Nigeria Limited (UNL) is a limited liability company registered with the Corporate Affairs commission. UNL is engaged in supply of goods and services, printing and consultancy services in the areas of Monitoring and Evaluation, Training, Health System Strengthening, Research, HIV/AIDS, Facility Audit, Baseline Studies, Gender Mainstreaming and social development. Ubelle Nigeria Limited has over ten years’ experience in the delivery of quality services to her clients. UNL is a strong member of several networks and has technical capabilities in a variety of areas and are highly professional, result oriented and above all committed to adding to the well-being of the country.  

Our Vision
To offer excellent business and consultancy services that meets the expectations of our clients and the people we serve.

Our mission
To work with Government agencies and the general public in the area of Research, Monitoring and Evaluation and Provision of information, capacity building and infrastructural development.
Our philosophy

  • ENGAGING IN ACTIVITIES WHICH PROMOTE AND ENHANCE TOTAL WELLBEING, economic empowerment and human resources development.
  • Conducting and regulating our activities in a way that promotes efficiency, transparency and accountability.
  • Promoting and rewarding hard work, productivity, creativity and team work.

 Our Core Value

  • INTERGRITY: Transparency in all our business activities and relationships and being accountable for our actions.
  • CREATIVITY: Encouraging free flow of ideas and appreciating innovations.
  • EXCELLENCE: Delivering superior performance through high quality products and services.
  • PASSION: Being enthusiastic and ready to accept responsibility, proud of our business and vocations.
  • TEAM WORK: Realizing the strength in unity, sharing same core values and respecting each other’s 
  • RESULTS:  Providing best results through dedication at any given time.


  • To offer reliable and customer focused services that are efficient, reliable and quality guaranteed.
  • To engage in the business of supply and maintenance of hospital equipment
  • To provide necessary linkages for capacity building and infrastructural development through partnerships with local and international stakeholders for clinical trials and product development for control of infectious diseases including HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis, Malaria and Hepatitis.
  • To provide business services in the area of printing, ICT and other forms of documentation.